Friday, June 25, 2010


Rebtel WebSMS Client just reached 1000 downloads on the android market.

Thank you all for downloading my app.

I hope to be able to release an update soon.
I am currently waiting for some information from Rebtel to help me understand better how they work and provide you with a better solution for your international SMS's!!!


  1. Thanks for your great app.

    Did you notice that the Rebtel app now has SMS too?

  2. question, is it possible to receive a txt reply through my email instead of my phone because whenever someone from australia replies to me, i get charged .25 cents to read the text (from my phone provider).

  3. Hi!

    Unfortunatly it is not possible. I do not have the control on Rebtel's infrastructure. Text replies do not go through my app or server.
    So I cannot even see when your contacts send you a message. I therefore cannot redirect it to your email.