Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some news concerning Rebtel Client for Android


I keep on working on Rebtel Client. Here is a little preview of the features of the next upcoming version :-):

- See your current Rebtel balance

- Load your buddies from your Rebtel account and manage them.

Add new buddies, view them, edit them or remove them directly from your phone. :-)
For each buddy, review, add, edit or remove phone numbers.

- Call or send a webSMS with a simple click.

Just click a buddy in the list and send him/her a WebSms or call him/her.
You can choose between a Rebtel call (call local number for this buddy) or a classical call (call normal international number)

- View your WebSMS history by contact.

Now, you will see the Sms history of the current buddy (When selecting "Send SMS" for this buddy)
If no buddy is selected, you will see all outgoing Sms's

I hope to be able to come to you soon with this next release.
Don't hesitate to give me your thoughts or ideas :-)

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