Friday, March 26, 2010

Rebtel WebSMS Client 0.3

I release today the latest update of Rebtel Client.

What's new?

- The Sms Service is functional again!

You can now send Sms's as before. There was an issue due to changes in the Rebtel Platform. (See my previous post: Service Unavailibility).

- Your buddies list

View your buddies from rebtel and send them a webSms in one click. You can also call them on their Rebtel Number or Normal number.

- A new name!

Rebtel Client is now called Rebtel WebSMS Client. Indeed, Rebtel launched a few days ago their Android application. One of the features missing in their app so far is the WebSMS. I will therefore concentrate my app on this feature.

Have fun!


  1. Hi, I can't find the app in the market for HTC Tattoos. Can you host the APK on your website?

  2. My app should be available for all devices.
    Just scan the code above or make a search on "rebtel" in the market ...
    If you don't find it .. I will post the apk here:

  3. For some reason it won't show up in the market when I search for it on my HTC Tattoo. I found it on your site though. Thanks a lot. The SMS functions works great.

  4. You may also notice that the official Rebtel Android client fails to offer a way to make domestic long distance calls (in my case Canada to Canada; it also won't do Canada to US). Maybe you could help out with this missing feature too?

  5. Charles,

    I'm not familiar with this notion of "long distance calls".

    But try the following:

    - Signin to your Rebtel account (on the Rebtel website).
    - Go to "My Rebtel/My Contacts"
    - Add a new contact: the person you want to call
    It should generate a local number (of your area) for this "long distance" number.
    If not, you should be able to change it to your area.
    - Just call this number or use my app (click on the person's name and choose to make a Rebtel call.